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We strongly recommend small children, the elderly, people with respiratory problems and pets vacate the premises during the treatment and remain away for at least four (4) hours.


Preparations for “First Time” or “Cleanout” Bedbug treatments: It is imperative that you follow these instructions as outlined below to have an effective treatment. Bedbugs require the most prep work by occupants than all other pests.

  • BEDROOMS: Remove all linen from the bed(s) and wash. Remove mattress from top of box spring and place both mattress and box spring on their side (we will need to have access to area under the bed). Remove everything from headboard(s) and place in sealable plastic bags. Place bags where they will not restrict access to bedroom.
  • Remove all items from dresser/vanity/night stand/armoire drawers and place in sealable plastic bags. Place bags where they will not restrict access to bedroom. Remove all items from inside closets and place where they will not restrict access to the closet. Some suggest areas: basement, garage or bathroom.
  • LIVING ROOMS: Roll up all “area” and “throw rugs” and place together in area where they can be treated. The garage or basement is suggested for this. Move all furniture at least two (2) feet away from the walls.
  • Remove all items from coffee/end/sofa tables as well as bookshelves, hutches, tv stands, cd/dvd/tape cabinets and entertainment units and place in sealable plastic bags. Place bags where they will not restrict access.
  • BATHROOMS: Remove all medicines, toothbrushes, personal care products and place into plastic bags and close tightly. Place in a location where they will not impede access to bathroom. The bathtub is suggested for this.
  • BASEMENTS: Move all clothing and stored items away from washer, dryer and sink areas. Locations where the walls and ceilings as well as the walls and floors meet need to be accessible to service personnel. For one week to ten(10) days following the treatment you may notice an increase in pest activity. If this occurs do not be concerned. This is a result of the treatment driving the pests out of their nesting areas.



Don’t move any of your belongings to another home during or before the
treatment unless you know they are not infested. You might spread bed bugs to
another home or to your car or workplace in a backpack or box and then re?infest
your home after it has been treated. Move as few items as possible and have
them checked for bed bugs (or heat them) before removing them.

Vacuum couches, chairs and recliners thoroughly before treatment. Bed bugs
are often found in couches and upholstered chairs. If possible, turn the
furniture over or on its side/back and vacuum underneath as well. If there is a
dust cover attached on the underside, pull it back and vacuum areas that will
need to be treated. Double?bag and discard the vacuum bags in an outdoor
trashcan immediately to avoid reintroducing or spreading any bed bugs
caught in the vacuum.

A cluttered home is difficult to inspect and more difficult to treat because bed
bugs can find many hiding places. Throw away unneeded items. Pick up and
double bag all loose items in bedrooms (e.g., in the bottom of a closet) and
other rooms that will be treated. Make sure that these items are treated (if
needed) or inspected before returning these items to make sure you are not
also returning bed bugs to the treated room(s).


In extreme cases we commonly recommend removing infested furniture permanently from your home!

$35 trip charge assessed if treatment cannot be done due to tenant being unprepared, and Pest Assured is not given at least 1 hour notice.